Just what is a Forex Robot?

Forex mt4 ea robot
If you are asking such a Forex software is, you can also be asking what Forex is!

Forex currency trading

Forex mt4 ea robot
Forex is short for Forex. Should you trade on the Forex Market you purchase and sell different foreign currency. The currencies are paired up with the most common being USD/EUR ie. US Dollar and Euro or USD/JPY ie. US Dollar and Japanese Yen.

A lot of why the foreign currency market is so much bigger and much better than Stocks and Shares Trading including:

24/7 Global Market - This global market never sleeps and is traded by anyone, around the globe whenever you want of day and nite. There are no closing bells here.

No "per trade" commission - As an alternative to charging for every transaction, Brokers and Internet trading platforms make money using multiplication between Buy and Sell prices not meaning you get and then sell on more frequently

Robots - You will find Forex Robots that may trade in your stead almost all the time making sure you are able to take advantage of adjustments to the marketplace while you are outside the computer

Buy and Sell - Unlike the stock market where you only profit on the increase in price, with Forex trading you can sell or buy each one of the currencies in the pair and thus you can profit when the ratio climbs up or down.


A Forex Robot is definitely an automated trading assistant also called:

 Expert Advisor (EA in short)
 Forex System
 Forex Software

The foreign currency market changes many times per second and unless you sit facing your pc screen Around the clock monitoring these changes you won't be capable of taking benefit from small incremental increases in profit. A Forex trading program will the monitoring to suit your needs by tracking movements and deciding when to purchase and sell to suit your needs. It picks the entry way then sets a "Take Profits" or "Stop Loss" point for each and every trade. It's also capable to part of minimizing losses by buying within the other direction to the fall (see Exchange above).

A forex trading program is very very easy to setup regardless of whether you offer an existing MT4 Trading Platform or perhaps you can be a complete Newbie without having Forex experience. There are lots of MT4 Trading Platforms available most allow Practice accounts too. I use Alpari that is quite simple to use and add Forex Robots or Expert Advisors to by simply dragging and dropping in to a graph.

The setup actually is super easy, easily are able to do it you can now:

 Download your best MT4 Trading Software in your PC
 Add the 2 Forex Robot files towards the MT4 software
 Register the Forex automatic trading program using the developers
 Open the Metatrader software and merely drag and drop the Forex software on the relevant Pair graph i.e. USD/JPY
 Complete the essential configuration instructions and add your investment deposit (this can be in the demo account or actual money)
 Sit back and watch the Robot trade for you personally.

It happens to be addictive when you watch the graphs fall and rise, current Alpari platform you get live updates in your profit and loss. Because price reaches the mark set by Forex Robot it is going to sell or buy to accomplish the trade.

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